About Nia

Part dance, part martial arts, part self-healing, Nia is a dance workout you can really fall in love with. Beautiful music, fun movements, inspiring imagery, and mind-body bliss put your body on an upward spiral of wellness. Nia builds the “Five Sensations of Fitness” in your body: Flexibility, Agility, Mobility, Stability, and Strength. Nia has choreography, but it’s personalizable, so YOU can do it, in YOUR body, today. Side effects may include feelings of euphoria that last long after class, and an improved social life. The Nia community is filled with great people – including potentially you!

Paula’s Nia classes were recently named by as one of the best dance fitness classes in LA!

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About Paula Chambers

Paula Chambers, Ph.D., is an award-winning teacher with diverse dance and movement experience. Based in Studio City, Paula’s mission is to bring people to Nia in the Los Angeles area. As a Nia First Degree Black Belt, Paula has a wide range of skills and techniques to help you find the Joy of Movement during class. She also mentors new Nia teachers and organizes Nia trainings and events.

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About the Nia Community

Nia attracts people who like to move and who enjoy being awake to their feelings and sensations. They are all ages, colors, shapes, genders, and fitness levels. They use Nia for pleasure, creative expression and healing as well as for fitness. Experienced Nia people tend to have a glow about them, a certain vitality that makes them sparkle. You could be one of them!