About Nia

Nia is a mind-body movement practice that combines dance, martial arts and the healing arts into a fun, creative cardio dance workout. Nia choreography is extremely low-impact – you get a great workout, without jumping or repetitive bouncing. You get swept up in a whirl of beautiful music and inspiring images, emerging sweaty, refreshed and delighted. All bodies are loved and accepted in Nia no matter what their gender or ability.

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About Paula Chambers

Paula Chambers, Ph.D., is an award-winning educator with diverse movement and dance experience. Paula was blown away when she discovered Nia with its emphasis on joy, sensation and personal self-healing. Today as a Nia Black Belt, Paula teaches in three LA-area locations, infuses her classes with warmth, imagery, and humor. She also mentors new Nia teachers and produces Nia trainings and events.

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About Valley Nia

Valley Nia is the name of Paula Chambers’ Nia practice. Paula’s mission is to make Nia classes available throughout the San Fernando Valley and build a community of Valley-based Nia-philes who love the practice and each other. Paula builds community among her students and fellow teachers by delivering great classes and producing Nia events.