Expressive Dance for Actors: The Nia Technique

If you are an actor with little or no dance training, The Nia Technique™ may be the perfect exercise class for you. It gives you a great cardiovascular workout and improves your overall fitness, while actually developing your instrument as an actor. Nia is a sensory practice combining dance, martial arts and the healing arts […]

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How Nia Became My Emotional Lifeline

I started taking Nia as a student in 2010, became a teacher in 2015 and at this writing have been teaching for just over three years. During that time, a surprising thing happened. Nia became a critical emotional resource for me during times of personal difficulty. It’s not so unusual, I suppose, for exercise to […]

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Your First Nia Experience

Warm smiles greet you as you walk in. The teacher introduces herself to you personally. Everyone is taking off their shoes, chatting; you take off your shoes as well. You feel your bare feet as you join the others on the floor. The room quiets and the teacher goes to the front to “set the […]

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How Nia Changed My Life

It was 2010 when I took my first Nia class. I had done plenty of dancing in my life, but this was the first class ever to focus me on sensation, on sensing my body while it was moving. In Nia, movement is not a performance but a mind-body sensory experience. Nia’s emphasis on sensation […]

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