Meet Heidi Barthelemy, Artisan’s Representative and Nia Dancer

Heidi Barthelemy in the Pale Moon booth at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire
Heidi Barthelemy, aka “Heidi B,” 64, has worked at Renaissance Faires year-round for over 30 years, supporting several artisans by managing a booth called Pale Moon. She handles sales, service and customer relations so that her artisans can make the inspiring symbolic jewelry for which the Pale Moon booth is nationally known on the festival circuit.
 Pale Moon jewelry is handmade and reflects magical and celestial themes such as suns, moons, stars, and tarot cards. Members of several “alt” cultures – like faire workers, folkies, Deadheads and Burners – love to wear and collect it.

Heidi got her love of dance from her mother, who danced with her children almost daily. She did modern dance in college, then worked as an Arthur Murray dance instructor from 1976-1988. “Dancing has always made me feel good,” she says. “Every time I do it, I say why don’t I do this more often?” 

Dance took a back seat in her life in the 2000’s, but this year, dance is back IN. With faires and festivals cancelled, Heidi now works from home in Portland, Oregon, building online sales and keeping her clients happy and her artisans motivated.

Health is a high priority now because her artists depend on her more than ever: “If my health goes down the tubes, everything falls apart.” Online Nia is her mainstay: she takes four online Nia classes a week. (Nia is one-hour holistic workout that combines dance, martial arts and self-healing. Watch this 3-minute video.)

And it’s helping! “I can do the Plow again! I’m regaining my flexibility!” Nia also gives her a morale boost, essential in these scary times.

See Pale Moon wares and interact with Heidi in the “Pale Moon Fan Club” Facebook Group and dance with her in any of my online Nia classes.

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