Pro Tips for Best Zoom Nia Experience

Nia on Zoom gives all the benefits of in-person Nia, in the privacy of your own home and with no commute! Here are some tips to help you get the most value from Nia classes held on Zoom.

Book at Least 30 Mins Ahead  
Booking at the last minute can be stressful for you and the teacher, especially if you haven’t booked before with that teacher. In the last 10 minutes before class, the teacher is busy preparing. There is more time to resolve any glitches if you start early.

Arrive early, stay late
The teacher usually cannot let people in once class begins. Arrive early, like five minutes before class. This guarantees you will get in and also allows for social time, making you feel like part of a community. After class, anytime you can stay for a few minutes, do. Many teachers hold a short post-class discussion, which puts you back into community and helps you own and confirm what you gained from the experience.

Use Best Possible Internet Connection
Usually a wired connection is better than wireless, and wifi is better than cellular.

Reduce Bandwidth
After joining the Zoom meeting, mute yourself until you want to speak. Also, right before class starts, turn off your video as well. You’ll get better audio quality, plus privacy. If you really want to use video, reduce bandwidth by turning off HD.

Experience Different Teachers
Now that Nia has moved online, you can easily take class from Nia teachers all over the world – impossible before covid. Experiencing different teachers builds your understanding of Nia, acquaints you with other Nia communities, and makes you feel like part of the larger Nia world.

My own online class schedule is HERE, and you can find classes by other Nia teachers HERE.

See you on the interwebz!

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